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West Hollywood Pressure Washing is one of the elite providers of residential and commercial property cleaning. We are fully dedicated to providing a professional yet affordable solution to your residential and commercial property’s exterior maintenance needs in West Hollywood, and beyond! 

From dirty parking lots that need a thorough clean, residential solar panel, or a 10 story window cleaning, we are here to power wash it all. West Hollywood Pressure Washing is committed to making our clients property shine like it’s brand new.

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We understand how important a clean home or business can affect for your daily life. That’s why we are always here to take your call, and we are always available to make an appointment the very next day. We are also available for regular maintenance of you property as well, if you have an ongoing need to keep your building looking as clean as new.


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What is The Difference Between Pressure Washing and Power Washing?

Pressure Washing and Power Washing are very similar, in that they both utilize a high pressure stream of water to clean the desired surface. The amount of pressure we use depends on the surface and circumstance. But we have an industrial grade washer that pumps up to 3500 PSI.

The one key difference is the temperature of the water. Power washing utilizes extremely hot water, and pressure washing uses unheated water. Power washers have a heating element which heats up the water before it is blasted out. Both methods can be effective, but can have different uses.

Why Use Power Washing?

Power washers utilize extremely hot water and high pressure to remove unwanted material from surfaces. When you combine the high pressure and temperature of the water, it makes it more effective at removing materials that are stuck on your property. This option might be used to remove things like mildew, mold, or residue salts, from driveways, decks patios, etc. A service which is often requested is removing gum from floors, or grease stains where your car is parked.

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is essentially the same process but with unheated water. This isn’t as effective as Power Washing, but can do the job when tough to remain residues are not present on the surface. Since it is not as harsh, it makes it better for things such as your deck, masonry, or brick facade. This can prevent damage to your property but is also great for getting it sparkling clean.

What Do We Use?

At West Hollywood Pressure Washing, we have the capability to do both. Our industrial grade machine can pump up to 3500 PSI of hot water pressure to handle the tough jobs, but can be adjusted to protect more sensitive surfaces, that might not require the all out treatment.

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Do you Need Tree Trimming Services?

If you have some trees that need to be trimmed, or other landscaping services as well, call on our good friends at West Hollywood Tree Service. They offer professional tree trimming services and offer stellar customer service as well. They offer services such as care for extremely tall trees, emergency tree removal, and helping to clear extra tree growth above power lines. The spring time is usually the best time to trim a tree, but if you have excess growth, it maybe time to call for professional care.

Pressure Washing Manassas

If you happen to be in Manassas Virginia, and you need top of the line pressure washing services, then visit our friends online today. They can take care of your residential and commercial properies with the same professionalism and customer services as we do. 


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We take pride in our professionalism and never leave a job until our clients are satisfied. We have years of experience power washing and pressure washing and we are absolutely confident that we can provide the top level service that you could expect. Give us a call today for a free quote.