Gum Removal Service in Los Angeles

Gum on the sidewalk is a problem in all major cities, and Los Angeles is not excluded from that. Not only is it a terrible eyesore, but it can also be very annoying especially if you get it stuck on the bottom of your shoe. The gum that dots the Los Angeles sidewalks got so terrible over the years, residents and volunteers came together to clean up a sidewalk.

Though their efforts were much appreciated and the gesture was inspiring, they made little progress. They were only equipped with metal scrapers, brushes, knee pads and variations of cleaning solutions. Those might be good for getting a few spots, but an entire sidewalk calls for a pressure washing. At West Hollywood Pressure Washing, we can provide pressure washing services for commercial and residential.

Why Use Power Washing to Remove Gum Off of Concrete

What was once a smushed blue, white, or pink blob thrown to the sidewalk from a car or spat from a pedestrian’s mouth, can quickly turn black or brown over time. Gum becomes a dirt sponge and it takes a lot more effort to rid it off the sidewalk, street, parking lot, or driveway. It takes hot water pressure to properly remove gum from these surfaces.

The extremely high volume of hot water at a very high-pressure attack and disband any gum that may stay behind on different surfaces. Gum removal also calls for commercial and industrial-grade pressure washing equipment and we can provide that.

Why Choose Us For Gum Removal Services

As one of the elite providers of residential and commercial property cleaning, we are dedicated to giving you a professional, comprehensive, and thorough pressure washing at an affordable price. Though we are based in West Hollywood, we also offer services to nearby cities and towns.

We are able to accommodate all types of schedules as we are available seven days a week, 365 days a year. We are always available for your pressure washing needs whether the entire block your business building sits on is covered in gum, or you only need a few spots to clean we can do the job.

Our team of technicians understands it is important to make a great first impression and to maintain the integrity of your company’s brand. We make sure we get every square inch requested and it is done with the fullest of our ability. A good pressure washing can improve the look and feel of your commercial property. It will make your business look brand new.

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We offer a one-time cleaning or we can set up a regular cleaning and maintenance. We service not only West Hollywood but also the surrounding areas in the Los Angeles proper locations. We have worked with a variety of businesses in all types of industries, so we have experience handling many different scenarios.

You can contact us today to get a free pressure wash quote. We can tackle residential areas with things like footpaths, concrete slabs covered in gum, tar stains, dead leaves, dust, dirt, and debris. Our hydro pressure washing will make your business or residential areas shine like new.


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