West Hollywood Pressure Washing offers professional level Power Washing Services to West Hollywood and surrounding neighborhoods in Los Angeles. We are always available for next day service, 365 days a year. We’ve been in the business of power washing for years and have come across many situations where you could benefit from having a power washer. Here’s a brief outline of the variations of services we provide.

Commercial Power Washing

If you are a business owner or property manager, maintaining a professional façade on your building is important for making a good impression on customers and clients. We have experience power washing commercial real estate properties from Sunset Blvd all the way to Downtown Santa Monica. From dealing with safety from traffic, and coordinating schedules to accommodate your business hours, we are a professional service that will keep your building looking brand new.

Industrial Power Washing

If you have a factory, where house, or other types of industrial building, we can also provide top of the line power washing services. From removing hard to clean oily residues, random contaminants from day to day activities, or just dust and dirt accumulated over time, we can help your property look brand new. We have industrial grade equipment with 3,500 PSI of hot water, we can clean up any mess.

Residential Power Washing

If the façade of your home or apartment building needs a good cleaning, it could be a good time for power washing service. Whether you need the roof and storm drain cleared out, your solar panels cleaned, or just need to dust off the house, we have years of experience helping home owners with power washing services.

Concrete Power Washing

Driveways, garages, sidewalks, and walkways will accumulate dirt, grime, and pollution over the years, and are often left uncleaned. West Hollywood Pressure Washing has industrial grade equipment, which can remove all the unwanted grime from your concrete surfaces. From hard to remove oil residue from your car, to old gum tracked in from the streets, a good pressure wash can get your concrete looking brand new.

Gum Removal

Gum is delicious, but too often people will simply dispose of their gum by spitting it on the street, and not putting it into the designated refuse container. Over time this gum will solidify on the ground, leaving a dark oval which makes your floor look dirty and unsanitary. Have you ever tried blasting it clean with steaming hot 3,500 PSI pressure water? Well today is your lucky day. You owe it to yourself to get a quick quote on our Gum Removal service.

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